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Tips and Tricks for Photos

How to scan your old photographs

In this tutorial, we explain to you how to create high-quality scans of your vintage photographs.

What is photo restoration?

In this summary, we give you a brief explanation of professional photo restoration. Everything you need to know before submitting your damaged photograph for repair.

History of photo colorization

In this overview, we give you a short introduction to the history of photo colorization and color photography. All you need to know before submitting your old photo to our professional photo restoration service.

6 things hurting your old photographs

Follow these 6 tips to properly store and archive your family photo album. By doing so your old photographs for future generations to come.

How to prevent photos from sticking to glass

Ever had an old photograph sticking to the glass of your frame? Read how to avoid it and prevent your photographs from damages.

How to digitize old photos with your smartphone

The techniques of photo restoration

How to remove glue from your old photos