Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your question here? Simply send us an email. We respond within 24 hours.

How does it work?


We have created the photo restoration process as simple as possible. Simply send us your photos via our upload form and receive a quote within 12 hours. You can then either accept or deny the offer. Once you submitted an official order we restore your image within 2 day. You will then receive a preview version of your repaired photographs via e-mail. If there is anything you like us to change just reply to the e-mail and send us your instructions. Once you are satisfied click on the "Pay now" button at the end of the e-mail. As soon as the payment process is completed we send you the high res data of your restored images.

When and how do I pay?


We love what we do and we know we are good at it. That's why all our customers only pay after they have received their images and are 100% satisfied with our photo restoration work. We currently offer payment solutions for PayPal and credit card.

Are there limits to digital photo restoration?


Digital photo restoration sometimes seems to be like magic but actually, it is just a lot of expertise and hard work. So let's be honest here. There are limits to digital photo restoration but unlike most photo restoration services we let you know up front whether we can completely restore your image or not. If there should be any issues with your images we let you know what and what not we can do for you. Of course, we don't charge a dime for that.

What happens with my images after the order is completed?


As soon as your order is completed we delete all your files.

How do I scan my images?


For the best results, it is important to scan your photographs with specific settings. Always scan with at least 300dpi and in color. No matter if you have a black and white or color photograph. Do not use auto-correction options such as "auto color" or "scratch and dust removal". Those options simply blur your image and thereby destroy detail. Check out our blog for a detailed tutorial on how to scan your photos.