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Why photo restoration is the perfect gift

Why photo restoration is the perfect gift

In times where photographs are being uploaded to the internet by the billions, one might ask why we should restore a couple of old photos of our parents, grandparents or other family members. Digital technology has revolutionized photography. Today taking a photo and sharing it with your family and friends all around the globe has become a matter of seconds. A couple of decades ago this was completely different. Photographs were only taken on special occasions like weddings, Christmas eve or birthday parties. If you go down memory lane for about 100 years, getting your photo taken was often a once in a lifetime occasion.
We simply can’t compare those photographs to all the selfies, cat photos and other pictures on the internet today. Looking at your ancestors’ photographs does not only tell a lot about what they looked like but also about the time they lived in. Because of their scarcity and importance during that time these photographs are revealing way more than just your grandparents’ biography. They are vivid proof of political, cultural, and religious circumstances of that time. Therefore these photos are not only your very private memory but also part of our collective memory. Restoring and cherishing them is a way of commemorating who we as a family and society are. They help us understand where we are coming from and where we are heading. This unique quality of old photographs turns them into wonderful gifts for our loved ones. Restoring your grandparents’ old wedding photo is an act of respect and appreciation for their life, sacrifices, and achievements. It’s a way of saying thank you.
Because of this unique quality of photographs, we like to share some occasions which are perfect for giving away a restored photograph.

Wedding Anniversary

Example Photo Restoration Minor Damages

Getting married is one of the most beautiful and unique moments in life. We carry around the memories of this special day for our entire lives. Don’t you still remember how beautiful your wife looked like in her white wedding dress? Or how your husband almost fainted when he first saw you walking down the isles?
But just like our memories fade over the years our photographs slowly lose their vividness. On the one hand, this is a powerful analogy to the way our memory works, on the other hand, wouldn’t it be wonderful if those photographs would just look like as on the day they were taken?

Thanks to digital photo restoration we no longer have to watch our memories fade. We at can repair and restore your precious wedding photos. No matter if those photographs bleached out over time or if they have suffered severe damages such as scratches, cracks or even missing pieces. Over the years we have restored hundreds of wedding photos, all telling their very unique story about broom, bride, and the time they were taken.

Restoring wedding photos is the perfect wedding anniversary gift. No matter if these photographs are your wedding photos, those of your parents, grandparents or even friends.


Christmas is one of the few occasions where we as a family all come together and celebrate. Ever since photographs from the holiday seasons are amongst the ones we cherish the most. They do not only capture us as a family but also us changing as a family. Just take a look at how your mom’s facial expression has changed over the years or how old your little niece became. Remember the last Christmas where Grandpa was still alive or think about this terrible sweater Grandma gave you a couple of years ago. Think about how we as a family get together and go through all these old family photo albums. You listen to the stories your Grandpa is telling from his time in World War II or how your mom talks about how she first met your dad. Christmas is the time where we as a family have the chance to understand who we are and why we are here. To see what sacrifices our parents and grandparents have made to provide us with what we have today.

Take aside all those fancy gifts and think about what Christmas is about. It is about getting together as a family, commemorating about the stories and things that connect us forever. It’s about keeping the memories alive of our loved ones and understanding who we are. This is why restoring an old family photo is the perfect Christmas gift. There might be this one photo that shows every member of the family but it’s all faded out or even damaged. We can help you and digitally restore it so it shines in its original beauty.


before and after image of four sisters next to a Christmas tree

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is often only celebrated by the young folks but shouldn’t the power of love be celebrated in every age? Well, sure things change over time. You and your wife might be married for 50 years and things might not be so new and exciting anymore but you have a life and a vivid history that connects you two forever. This is what makes your love so unique and special. The photographs you’ve taken over all those years are the direct link to your history. Take a look at your photo albums and see what you and your spouse have lived through and experienced together in those decades. These photos are not only proof of your love but also help you to keep your memories vivid and alive.
restored photograph of a couple
There might be this one really special photograph you love to look at or the one that has been hanging in your living room for ages. Just like our memories photographs tend to fade away. With digitally restoring these faded or damaged photographs can help you save your memories forever. Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion for that. Just imagine the face of your loved one when he or she sees a bouquet of roses a handwritten letter and this very special photograph, that looks like it had been taken two days ago.


restored photo of mother and child

Thanksgiving is the family holiday. All your loved ones meet up to have a wonderful dinner, spend the weekend together and talk about the past and future plans. Over the years you grow as a family. This is the perfect time to look at old family photos and talk about your ancestors. It’s the time when you can understand who you are and what connects each of you. Sure the holiday season sometimes can be stressful with all the traveling and the expectations but we should remember what it is all about. It’s about appreciating that there are people out there that will never let us down and that we as a family always belong together no matter what. This is why Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to restore an important but damaged family photograph. A photo restoration service like us can help you with that. All you have to do is upload the image and we’ll do the rest so you can fully concentrate on what’s really important. Spending as much time as possible with your loved ones.


restored image of a woman holding a dog

The older we become the less we care about money and goods. Life has made us humble and we now know that what’s truly important is health, family and real friendship. Our memories are the ones who constantly keep us reminding about that. Your Grandpa sure will remember how he as a young boy spent his days in the woods not caring about his ripped jeans or bloody knees. Your Mom will always remember the day when you started walking or saying “Mom!” for the first time. And you will never forget what it was like to spend the summer break with your best friends on a road trip from New York to Austin. Although these memories fade over the years they make us the person who we are today. Luckily we have photographs that help us keeping these memories vivid and alive. But what happens when those photographs slowly bleach out or get damaged? No worries, digital photo restoration helps you to keep these precious moments forever. We at InstaRestoration help you save them. We can repair and restore images that have already suffered bleaching or even more severe damages. So the next time you’re thinking about a birthday gift for you Grandpa, Mom or best friend. Think about what moments in life you’ve shared with them and whether there is a photograph of that particular instance. Take that photo and turn it into a gift. Write down some sentences about what connects you and why you are so happy to have them in your life. Trust us, just because this comes from the bottom of your heart it is so much better than all the things you can buy out there. Just take a look at their faces when they see the photo and read your lines.
Among our customers, there are a lot of genealogists. Many of them have reconstructed their family history reaching back for more than five centuries. For them, there is nothing more valuable than proof of the history of their ancestors. So the next two occasions are the perfect date to give them a restored photograph as a gift. Trust us they will be blown away.

Veterans Day

restored photo of a young woman

We all have a veteran in our family and there’s a reason why we celebrate Veterans Day on the 11th of November. Originally the day was introduced to honor the soldiers who had been fighting in World War I. If you have ever listened to veterans talking about their time at war you’ve probably heard unbelievable and shocking stories. Having entered a battlefield is a life-changing experience. Not only because death is just around the corner but also because you learn a lot about comradeship, friendship and life in general. Veterans will often tell you that they have never experienced such a close and unconditional friendship again and they will likely tell you that this was the time they felt most alive. During their time at war, almost all of these men had a photo or two of their wife or family with them. Because of the circumstances, these photos were heavily damaged. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to restore these images for your father or grandfather to honor the service and sacrifice they’ve given to you and your country? We help you to digitally repair these images. We fix scratches, cracks and can even reconstruct missing pieces. Just check out our services at


restored image of two woman
4th of July does not only mark the day when the Founding Fathers declared independence from the British Crown but also the day when the United States was founded. Almost all of our ancestors at some point were new to this country. It offered them a unique chance to live freely and happily without religious or political persecution. The pursuit of happiness as it’s guaranteed in the constitution is what makes the United States special up until this date.
For genealogists, the immigration of their ancestors to the United States plays a key role in their research. Often the lives of these families have changed completely with their arrival in the U.S. Depending on the time of migration there might be photographs of your ancestors leaving their home country or arriving in the New World. These photographs tell a lot about what kind of people your ancestors were and how they managed to get started in the U.S.
If you have a friend or family member that is into researching their family history this is the perfect occasion for a very special gift. Due to their age, almost all of these photographs have suffered damages. Scan them and get them restored at a professional photo restoration service. They will simply love you for that!

Memorial Day

photo of Color guard of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Civil War marks a turning point in U.S. history. It’s the time when the United States became one country. Enemies who fought against each other became citizens of the same country right after the war was over. For genealogists, this war is especially interesting as it tells a lot about history and how things can change in a split second. A lot of the U.S. citizens today had their ancestors fighting during the civil war. What is especially interesting about the Civil War in a photographic way is that for the first time people started taking photographs of war. This is what makes these photographs so important and unique. If you have a family member that is obsessed with genealogy this is the perfect gift. Due to their age, these photographs are often damaged or faded. We at InstaRestoration can restore these images and even better we can turn them into color photographs by digitally colorizing them.


photo after colorization

photo before colorization

Images don’t always have to be damaged or faded to turn them into presents. Have you ever thought about colorizing one of these old black and white images? This is especially powerful as our memories are colorful and not monochrome. So the next time you have no idea what to give as a present just think about that one photo your grandpa always wanted to have in color.

Be creative!

Today’s technology has not only revolutionized photo restoration but also printing. Don’t limit yourself to photographic paper. Be creative and try out new techniques. Today’s machines can print on almost everything! We are not talking about mugs or mousepads here. Think about how cool it would be two print a photo of your great-grandparents on your smartphone case or a photo of your first dog on a pair of socks. But don’t go too crazy. Think about who you are giving this gift to and what they like and need. Your grandma probably doesn’t need some new pairs of socks or a beach towel. Or maybe she does just keep in mind that gifts become a lot more valuable if they actually can be used in everyday life.