Photo Restoration

We repair all damages related to photographs. Free quotes and free revisions. Simply send us your photo and we send you a free quote within 12 hours.

The Art of Restoration

beautifully restored portrait from the early 20th century

Making the Past Part of the Present

The majority of our customers are working in the field of genealogy. It makes us proud to have helped so many people to make their past part of their present. Restoring photos for us is much more than just a profession. We love how history becomes alive once we have finished our job. You can be sure that we give our best on restoring each and every photo of yours.

Our Common Photo Restorations

vintage photo after colorization

Photo Colorization - $19

One of the most common services we perform is the colorization of vintage photographs. All photos will be individually hand-colored by one of our amazing photo artists. By carefully picking and fitting colors and gradients we take the utmost care to authentically recreate the ambiance and atmosphere of the scenery. This way we create astonishing results that no A.I. can reproduce. A hand-colored photo is the perfect gift for someone you love. It's a wonderful way to cherish a moment you've shared. You can make it even more special by creating beautiful prints or greeting cards.

old photograph torn in pieces

Photo Repair - starting from $19

There plenty of reasons why people like to restore an image. We've worked with archives, genealogists, and vintage photo enthusiasts. The most common repair we perform is the restoration of faded and cracked images. These damages simply occur over time this is why there is almost no vintage photo without any of these damages. All our restoration work is carefully performed by one of our photo repair artists. Although we use the newest photo editing technology all of our restoration work is performed manually. For us restoring images is more far more than a job because is what defines us today.

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We repair these damages
  • scratches
  • missing parts
  • torn pieces
  • fire damage
  • water damage
  • faded color
  • watermarks
  • mold
  • stains
  • cracks
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Within 12 hours we send you a free quote for your photo. You can then decide whether you like to accept our offer or not.


3. Preview

Once you've confirmed the quote we start restoring your image. Within 48 hours you will receive a preview of your restored image. You can then ask for additional changes. Of course, completely free of charge.


4. Payment

Once you're happy with the result we will provide you with a payment link.


5. Download

As soon as we've received your payment we will send you the high-res version of your restored image.

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