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Best Practces for Picture Restoration

high res scan of a vintage photograph

Technical Requirements

When submitting a photo please make sure that your image is scanned with at least 300 dpi and in 8bit color. Our photo restoration artist certainly can perform magic but to be honest, it’s a lot easier when you provide us proper scans of your images. This way we have enough detail to work with and repair various damages in a single photo. You’re not sure whether you’ve scanned your images correctly? No problem we will let you know if your scan is not meeting our standard criteria. We are happy to help you with all problems so don’t hesitate and just send us your images.

high quality scan of an old photograph

Scanning old photos for picture restoration

You don’t know how to create scans with 300dpi? No worries we have written a short tutorial on how to properly operate your scanner. Our tutorial explains how to set up your scanner and software on both Windows and macOS. It works for all manufacturers and is as easy as 1-2-3. Get ready to repair your old and damaged photos in minutes.

How we assess damages for picture restoration

Do you like to know more about the different kinds of damages related to photo restoration? In this tutorial, we tell you everything about scratches, cracks, stains, color shifting, and all the other damages related to image restoration. We even show you how we evaluate the various damages. This way you can get a better understanding of whether a photo restoration service is giving you a fair quote.