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What is photo restoration?

What is photo restoration?

The profession of photo restoration dates back to the very beginnings of photography in the 19th century. Back then scratches, cracks or other damages were repaired by physically altering the photograph. Using color pigments, glue, and other chemicals.

Today’s process is completely different. Everything is happening in the digital world. We don’t need to touch your physical photograph at all. Through scanning you can create an exact digital copy of your old photograph. We then perform all our restoration processes digitally on that copy.

You have probably heard of software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or CameraRaw. Although these are the most popular applications for working in the field of photography there are some more specialized applications used in the field of professional photo restoration.

This software provides almost limitless possibilities and techniques to restore damaged photographs. Most of these techniques were not available 10 years ago. Today we can repair almost every damage ranging from watermarks, faded colors, cracks, or even torn and missing parts of your photograph. We are even able in most cases to recreate missing facial parts of a person. All these services can be performed on black and white as well as color photographs. We bring back the original brilliance and luminosity of your memories making your antique photographs look like they came right out of the photo lab.

So before giving up on your damaged vintage photographs forever, you should check out our services. We can perform miracles and are happy to help. Simply choose one of our services, send us your image and within 24 hours we will let you know whether we can repair your photograph or not. Everything in this consultation stage of the process is completely free of charge.


Photo restoration: the ultimate discipline in photo editing

Photo restoration is the most delicate and difficult discipline in photo editing. It requires experience, expertise, and powerful computers. But the most important ingredient is time. We repair each photo pixel by pixel to make sure that we deliver the best and most breathtaking results. Real photo restoration is and will remain manual labor. This is also why real quality photo restoration at first sight might appear relatively expensive but you must realize you are paying for the application of expensive equipment and a professional’s experience, skill and time. And let’s be honest, most of our memories can’t be measured in gold.

Although machine learning is on the rise real photo restoration is and will remain manual labor.

You might have heard of software features which perform these restoration processes automatically. But no matter whether you are using a Kodak, Epson, Canon, HP, or Brother scanner, these features simply work by blurring and copying pixels and creating the illusion of erasing dust and scratches. This process is actually in fact destroying detail and luminosity. The bad quality of this process becomes especially evident when you want to print or display your photograph. (Check out our tutorial on properly scanning damaged photographs)

The quality of such computer-generated restoration cannot be compared in any way to professional image restoration. We maintain every detail and the original brilliance of your photograph to make sure you can print and display your photograph in every manner.